Thursday, November 3, 2011

Work from cartooning and caricature!

Hey, since I'm here, let me upload some character design work for y'all.

This is Sherman; he's a 10-year-old spider monkey. :D

Sherman and his buddies Thump (left) and Ralph (center) are gearing up to play the Blue Bananas for the Primate Little League championship!

Captain K-9 is a furry, dear god run for your life wolf on the astral plane. He believes he was placed on the earth as a human in order to help his canine brethren in ways he may not have been able to do as a dog himself. Therefore, he is a self-declared super hero. ... no, he never takes off the suit.

Cartooning is fun. :D I think my ability to do cleanup is improving, too. Huzzah!

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