Thursday, October 27, 2011

Color Studies, Value Studies, the candle line art colored, and eye studies

(I was experimenting with color on these; kinda taking a step out of the comfort zone.)

Eye studies from famous painters:

Van Gogh



Marc (the eye of Der Tiger, hahahahaha /bad jokes)


Missed class last Friday; trying to get caught up! I have assignments from other classes to upload too; I've just been crazy busy. I wonder when I'll get to upload them...!


  1. BADGER!!
    These are NICE studies, Heather!! I personally like Value #2 and Color #1 :)
    Question: HOW did you freely change the color in photoshop? Adjustment Hue OR did you actually color each one individually?

  2. Hehe, thanks!

    I colored each one individually. I just locked the layers so that I wouldn't have to fight to stay inside the lines each time.